Kennel Club Litter Registration Application Form 

Relevant points to observe when completing the application to register a litter:

Section 1 The breeder(s) name and address
The breeder is the registered owner(s) of the dam at the date of birth of the litter.
The declaration must be signed by all the registered parties.

Section 2 The sire owner(s) name and address
The sire owner(s) is the registered owner(s) of the sire at the date of mating of the litter.
The declaration must be signed by all the registered parties. It is advisable to have this
confirmation signed at the time of mating.

Section 3 Registered name and number of dam of litter
The General Committee will not accept an application to register a litter when:-
(1) The dam has already whelped six litters, or
(2) The dam has already reached the age of 8 years at the date of whelping (relief from
this restriction may be considered normally provided an application is made prior to
the mating, the proposed dam has previously whelped at least one other registered
litter, and the application is supported by veterinary evidence as to the suitability of
the bitch involved in the proposed whelping), or
(3) The dam was under one year old at the time of mating, or
(4) The offspring are the result of any mating between father and daughter, mother and
son or brother and sister, save in exceptional circumstances or for scientifically
proven welfare reasons.
(5) The dam was not resident at a UK address at the date of whelping
Please note: The term UK address includes Northern Ireland. This does not expand to
include the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands, or bitches also registered with
the Irish Kennel Club (IKC), the Guernsey Dog Club (GDC) or the Jersey Dog Club
(JDC) who are still resident within these clubs jurisdiction.

Section 4 Registered name and number of sire of litter
If the sire is registered with an overseas Kennel Club, and resident in the same country,
in order for the sire to be recorded, the application must be accompanied with a copy
of the 3 generation certified pedigree issued by the overseas Kennel Club confirming the
registered ownership of the sire - £20
Please note: If the sire has previously been issued with an Authority to Compete
Number, the above requirement does not apply. Please write this number in section 4
in place of the Kennel Club registration number.

Section 8 Kennel Name
Breeders who have a Kennel Name should enter it in this box.
The dam must be in the identical ownership to that of the Kennel Name holder.

Section 9 Litters produced by Artificial Insemination
If your litter was produced by artificial insemination (AI), the litter application form must
be accompanied by a completed Form 2 - The Kennel Club Application for the
Registration of Puppies Produced by Artificial Insemination (AI).

Section 10 Puppies
10a Guidelines to naming puppies (please read carefully)
• A name must consist of more than one word but not exceed 24 letters (including
Kennel Name)
• A name which conflicts with an active Kennel Name granted to another person will
not be accepted
• A registered name cannot be repeated within a breed
• The surname of the applicant is not acceptable
• A word cannot be repeated when naming puppies
• If a Kennel Name is to be used when registering a litter, the Kennel Name must
appear as the first word in the name
• Numbers in figures and initials are not acceptable. Abbreviations may be disallowed

• Canine terms are not permissible e.g. ‘dog’, ‘bitch’, ‘kennel’, ‘champion’, ‘Crufts’
and specific names of breeds
• The Kennel Club reserves the right to refuse any name, which it considers
inappropriate or offensive. The Kennel Club retains the right to request a fresh name
for any puppy after the registration has been accepted, in the event of a complaint
being lodged with the Kennel Club which is upheld
You can perform a first check of your names online before submitting by visiting:

Puppy Naming service
The Kennel Club will create names for your litter for an additional fee of £20.
This service is free for Kennel Name holders.
Note: Any objection to a name registered using this service must be made in writing
within one month of the registration date.

10b Endorsements
The breeder whilst the dog is still in their physical ownership can add the following
endorsements on the record of a puppy:
R Progeny not eligible for registration
X Not eligible for the issue of an Export Pedigree
These should be placed next to the relevant puppy the breeder wishes to be endorsed.
Breeders wishing to endorse any puppies should make themselves aware of the
complete regulation contained in the Kennel Club Year Book, including the need to
obtain written and signed confirmation that the prospective new owner is aware of the
Details can also be found in the Endorsement Information Guide available from

10c Pedigrees
Please indicate which pedigree you require next to each puppy using the following
E Enhanced Five Generation Pedigree - printed with Champions in red on
A3 embossed paper - special price if purchased at time of registration
(normal price - £23) £18
F Five Generation Pedigree £8
T Three Generation Pedigree £8

Section 11 Additional Items
Breed Record Supplement
Details of all registrations are published quarterly in the Kennel Club Breed Record
Supplement. If ordered, we will send you the edition that includes the details of this
litter registration.
Please note: Delivery may take up to four months.

Section 12 Find A Puppy service
The advert should be a maximum of 90 characters (including spaces).
This service is only available to breeders where no more than four litters have been
registered at the same address over the preceding 12 month period.
The Kennel Club reserves the right to delete any wording displayed in a Find A Puppy
advert that is considered to be inappropriate.

The Committee reserves the right to reject any application to register a Kennel Name or transfer any dog or
to change or cancel or suspend any registration and may cancel or suspend any registration or transfer or
grant of a Kennel Name already made.
The data connected to your dog, including all health screening results submitted with your application will be published and used for registration, research (statistical purposes) and publication in relevant Kennel Club documentation and also included in the Health Test Result Finder and Mate Select calculations.  When submitted, this form remains the property of the Kennel Club.
*The Kennel Club may consider an application for the late registration of dogs over the age of 12 months, or if adding a puppy to an existing litter already registered. The application must be accompanied by a letter of explanation and is subject to a fee of £60 per dog.
The acceptance of a registration is not a guarantee of its accuracy.





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