There are many articles and books which describe and advise the “ethics” or “mechanics” of breeding puppies from your bitch.


The scenario is set;

Your bitch has been mated to a male of the same breed (or maybe even a different breed or mixed breed – whatever the case may be!) She has grown increasingly fat during the 9 week pregnancy. There have been no signs of problem or indications that you have reason to worry.

You are hoping that a beautiful litter of puppies will “pop out” – all perfect and cute and everything will be lovely. There is great excitement at the prospect of “mother natures miracle” happening, as if by magic, in your very own house or dog kennel.

If you are very, very lucky that may be the outcome. Unfortunately, bitches do not always have an easy time during pregnancy, nor during the actual whelping, and bitches sometimes need the surgical intervention of a veterinary surgeon to enable the puppies to be delivered at all.

Now, with the kind permission of Esther Wilson, I can share her photos where you can see – stage by stage in clear colour photographs - the FULL reality of what a caesarean operation entails for your bitch. It is not a pretty sight, and there are great risks involved for both the dam and the puppies. It is, after all, a major surgical procedure, and by the time you realise that emergency veterinary aid is essential – there is NO going back.

These remarkable photographs are an outstanding educational resource for anyone interested in breeding dogs.

The graphic nature of the photos are not meant to upset anyone – but I hope they will shock some of you into the stark reality of the very real and very possible consequences to your bitch after you decided to get her mated. Your bitch may be your most treasured and loved companion, and if seeing this record of a canine caesarean section makes just one potential breeder decide that the responsibility of risk is too great to contemplate – then it will have been worthwhile.

View the photographs here;

Bernese Caesarean Section Graphic Surgical Procedure Photos


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