Bernese are not considered a 'rare' breed of dog in the UK but with only 700 - 800 Bernese registered annually with the UK Kennel Club they are not as widespread as some other numerically strong breeds such as Labradors or German Shepherd Dogs.  The demand for carefully planned, well bred Bernese puppies is greater than the availability.  


Most UK based Bernese breeders are hobby breeders who produce only the occasional litter and only when they hope to keep a new puppy for themselves. Some breeders produce one or two litters of Bernese annually, at most, but there are a few who breed Bernese litters more often.  The demand for Bernese and the high prices which puppies command has inevitably attracted some opportunists who are eager to exploit the 'sellers market' situation and produce Bernese puppies for financial gain.


In the UK the Breeding of Dogs Act is a law that states that anyone breeding 5 or more litters of dogs - any type of dogs - per year MUST BY LAW be licensed by their local authority and be subject to regular inspections.  Some local authorities (councils) may also rule that a dog breeder within their jurisdiction who breeds LESS THAN 5 litters per year constitutes a commercial activity and insist that they too are subject to certain conditions and licensing.


Everyone seeking to buy a Bernese puppy should investigate how often litters are produced (and from how many different breeds) and whether a breeder is breeding puppies or selling dogs or puppies lawfully and adhering to animal welfare guidelines.


UK Bernese enthusiasts form a fairly small and close-knit community where everyone who has served their apprenticeship and is involved in the breed will  know, or know of, everyone else.   Therefore, when an established, knowledgeable specialist, breeder of Bernese is planning a litter or perhaps has a puppy available the Bernese 'grapevine' willingly directs puppy enquirers to those reputable sources and so most UK Bernese breeders never openly advertise as, quite simply, they don't need to.


Don't make the mistake of buying a recklessly bred, badly reared, poor quality Bernese bred by an unscrupulous breeder with a smart sales-pitch who sells pups via classified adverts in newspapers or on the Internet or who attempt to entice you with their self promotional websites designed to attract trade.   With just a little careful research and seeking some good advice you can find carefully planned, well bred, lavishly reared, good quality Bernese bred by knowledgeable, experienced, reputable breeders in Great Britain.


Be a wise buyer and arm yourself with GOOD information and if in doubt SEEK advice on locating established, knowledgeable, specialist, REPUTABLE Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders in Great Britain! 

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              If you are having difficulty locating knowledgeable, reputable Bernese breeders 
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