Safe and Sound

The purpose of the Kennel Club Safe And Sound Award Scheme is to promote the safe interaction between children and dogs. The Scheme can be accessed by clicking on this Link.

The Safe and Sound Scheme focuses on the educational issues connected with staying safe around dogs. It can never be taken for granted that any dog will be 100% safe with everyone all of the time. Children have to be taught how to behave in the company of even the best trained dog.

Canine accompanied school visits are becoming more and more popular within school programmes. The website provides facts and constructive advice for dog training clubs and teachers who wish to include a canine visit at their local school. The Safe And Sound website includes background information and free resources for teachers. Teachers’ Notes and downloadable material are available free of charge.

The website also includes a series of educational factsheets, outlining the Safe And Sound code, including some key ‘safety positions’ and why these should be adopted.

The Safety Factor Challenge game is available to play through the Safe And Sound website

well as through the Safe and Sound CD ROM that is available to order from the Online Shop. The game encourages children to consider the right course of action to take in a number of dog-related scenarios. Safety Stars are awarded for good decisions, bite marks when they make the wrong choice. Upon successful completion of the game a personalized certificate is available to print out. The Safe And Sound Practical Award has been developed to enable children to put the skills and techniques taught through the game and other resources to work in a real environment. This practical award is being piloted through a select number of Kennel Club approved dog training clubs.

If you have any questions about the Scheme please email

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