What are endorsements?

Kennel Club regulations allow the registered owner of a dog to place endorsements on a dog's records, provided that the dog is in their physical possession and registered ownership. The endorsements which may be placed are:



The first, "Progeny Not Eligible For Registration" does not prevent a dog being bred from, but it does prevent this dog's progeny from being registered at the Kennel Club.

Similarly, "Export Pedigree Not Allowed" does not prevent a dog from being exported overseas (except to Malta), but does prevent the dog from being registered with an overseas Kennel Club.

Why are endorsements placed?

Owners have individual reasons for placing endorsements, which should be explained by them to the purchaser before, or at the time of sale.

How do I place an endorsement on a dog?

The Kennel Club will only accept an application to place an endorsement on a dog's records provided that the dog is in the physical possession and registered ownership of that person. It should be noted that this is a prime requirement. If it transpires that the endorsement was placed after the dog had left the physical possession of the person placing it, then the endorsement would not have been placed in accordance with Kennel Club regulations. Therefore the endorsement would then have to lifted regardless of any other factors.
Endorsements can be placed at the time of registration:

1. If you have registered your litter using the Online Litter Registration Service go to Online Litter Registration/endorsements and follow the instructions or

2. In the appropriate box on the Form 1 (Application to register a litter).

Alternatively if the dog has already been registered, the owner will need to write in to the Kennel Club requesting that an endorsement be placed upon the records of a dog. The letter should clearly state the breed, Kennel Club registered name and Kennel Club registration number for the dog, and that the owner has physical possession of the dog. The owner should also enclose the registration certificate for the dog so that this can annotated accordingly. A letter of confirmation will then be sent advising that this request has been carried out.

Litter applications, which include endorsements, are sometimes submitted too late for the endorsed registration certificate to be available at the date of sale of the dog. In some cases, disputes may subsequently arise between the two parties if the purchaser claims that he was not aware that his newly purchased dog would be subjected to certain restrictions. When the purchaser and vendor are unable to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution, the Kennel Club is often prevailed upon to intervene. Arbitrating in such instances is often very difficult for there are usually conflicting views on whether the vendor had advised the purchaser of the endorsements at the time of sale.

In attempt to lessen the Kennel Club's involvement in what is essentially a private dispute, the Kennel Club will apply the following criterion when assessing whether or not an endorsement should be lifted, as per Kennel Club regulation B12. Written confirmation must be obtained from the new owner at the time of sale to state that they have been made aware of any proposed endorsements, even if the endorsed registration certificate is given at the time of sale. In the event of a dispute where such evidence exists, the Kennel Club would normally decide in favour of the vendor's endorsements being retained. Conversely, in the absence of such written evidence, the Kennel Club would normally decide in favour of the purchaser and lift the endorsement. However, this would only apply in cases where a dog is transferred from the person who placed the endorsement to a new ownership.

This should be advantageous to both the breeder and the purchaser and help to prevent protracted correspondence and possible litigation. This additional requirement was introduced in January 2003, and applies to cases referred to the Kennel Club where the endorsement was placed subsequent to this date.

How do I remove an endorsement?

An endorsement may only be lifted at the written request of the person who placed the endorsement. The letter should clearly state the breed, Kennel Club registered name and Kennel Club registration number, and should be accompanied by the dog's registration certificate. When the endorsement has been removed, a letter of confirmation will be sent to this person advising that this has been carried out.

It should be noted that the General Committee reserves the right to remove or maintain any endorsement. There may be occasions when it is necessary to refer an endorsement dispute to the Committee.





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